Barriers To Physical Fitness Affecting College Students

Barriers To Physical Fitness Affecting College Students


Have you ever notice that some college students are more physically fit than others? Ever wondered why that is? My guess would be that there are some kind of barriers to physical fitness affecting college students. Now if you ask me what those barriers are they would not be able to give you an answer, but the surely do exist and they can be seen everywhere.

Some might call it genetics, others may call it discipline, and then there are tools will call it bad luck. My name for it would be Darwinism. This is the system where only the fit survive and only the strong prosper. Of course this may sound cruel, and it is in a way, but we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that sometimes there’s simply no excuse for weakness.


Barriers to physical fitness affecting college students are sometimes what separates the men from the boys. Ever since kindergarten, children learn to select their friends based on athletic performance, social adequacy, and other criteria learned from their parents were from their friends. This is not the right or wrong, this is a fact of social life, studied through and through, and it simply can not be denied. But a stray from the topic.

One way to overcome these barriers physical fitness affecting college students would be to implement a national program of physical fitness. Under this program, something like the army, everyone would be forced to get some exercise, maybe three times per week, may be more or less, depending on their physical traits.

I once heard about something like this in Sweden, or was it Norway, anyway what stuck in my mind was the fact that these people are tall, blond, muscular and overall beautiful. So this worked for them. However, I am not sure that this would work here, because we are far too liberal and far too educated in democracy to accept a forceful measure such as this would be, and it’s a shame, because this would do some good.


Another way to overcome these barriers would be through education. Once people understand that everything is connected to everything, and that of sound mind cannot function without a sound body, then they might realize that some physical fitness is indeed required for the normal functioning of the body. Performance cannot be achieved without the little effort, no matter if it is intellectual or physical. This does not mean, however, that you have to kill yourself trying to be the best and brightest of your class, neighborhood, city, country, continent and so on.

Finally, the third way, connected to the last one, is a more spiritual approach, where you have to realize the balance there is between things and, once you have achieved this understanding, there will not be any task too difficult or any mountain too high for you to climb in stride.

Trust me. However, I do not have enough space or time, or the adequate mood to speak some more about such matters, even though I would enjoy a good conversation on this topic. Maybe later, maybe some other lifetime. Who knows? Or maybe I am just speaking in tongues here and you have not understood anything. Time will tell.