Techniques to select accessories for hot yoga

Techniques to select accessories for hot yoga

You may find it challenging if you have to perform Bikram yoga or hot yoga in 105 degree temperature and 50 percent humidity. However, if you get the right gear, you can enjoy your experience more.

Choosing accessories for Bikram yoga

Purchase a proper mat. Choose one that is both non slip and cushioned. You can choose the Manduka mat. It is a popular choice and it lasts for long.

You should get a number of towels for your yoga classes. You must bring one large bath towel and a few smaller towels. You lay the large towel over the mat so that the towel can absorb falling sweat and resist slips and falls. Use the smaller towels to wipe your face and body off. Consider slip resistant suki shufu yoga towels.

You must choose a non slip mat cover. This is important because even if you choose the sturdiest mat, it cannot resist slips and falls when you will be soaked with perspiration. Mat covers are commonly thin towels with non slip features.

Dress appropriately for hot yoga classes. It is crucial to wear lightweight and thin clothing. You can prefer sport bras, shorts and tanks. Men can practise this being topless.

Bring a bottle of water to your class. Although, water is not allowed during classes but you need water after your class.

Where to buy yoga accessories

You can purchase necessary accessories online. Suki shufu is one example of a company that sells yoga products online.

You can buy products from the yoga studio as well. There are some studios that have retail areas. You can buy clothes and other yoga equipment from these retail areas.

Always prefer to buy yoga products from a large retailer. Purchase quality accessories for hot yoga because hot yoga is rigorous type of yoga, therefore; you should buy quality and worthwhile products.